Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My track record of failures and what they have done for me

Route One Marketing (ROM) - Failed!  

Years ago I tried to sell QR Codes; the square barcodes that when scanned link your mobile phone direct to specific websites. I pitched the idea to Edinburgh businesses telling them how QR Codes were ‘the future’. Nobody knew what they were at the time so they didn’t want them. However, John Lewis used one on their Christmas advert 9 months after I started promoting them. From there people understood their purpose and took a greater interest, trying them out on their smart phones. QR Codes became easy to get online for free so ROM was shelved. 

I realised I was not a tech guy and should stick to what I know. Property!

Kleeneze -Failed! 

Door-to-door sales promoting a magazine selling household items has to be the hardest thing I’ve done. However, it taught me how to refine a pitch and get important information across quickly. There is also no better way to experience rejection than having a door slammed in your face! Chin up and move on! Discipline was also learnt. Regardless of the weather and other excuses, I got out there and knocked on those doors. Ultimately that business was not for me.

Flat Filler -Failed! 

Financially my biggest failure- £12,000 lost in the design of the website that advertised referenced tenants to landlords and Property Managers. The site got traction with universities and students across Edinburgh however, I was unable to change the mindset of landlords and Letting Agents. It’s near impossible to change peoples ways as if it ain’t broke………. This failure taught me to research markets and trends better!

Throughout these failures I have owned and continually developed ACE Property. Now in its 13th year our skilled and passionate team continue to manage our growth and provide an honest service. The failures I have had over the years have shaped myself and ACE Property into the company it is today. Lessons learned have enhanced ACE and our team to deal with the challenging ever changing property landscape. 

I regret nothing. 

ACE Property is my constant, my drive! But my passion to try new things is always present.

I am currently building a network of property professionals and rugby players- The Property Rugby Club. 

Property and rugby are where my passions lie. Both are common themes throughout my life and I know they are important to so many others. I am excited to see what relationships I can help build and opportunities I can create with this network. The PRC has already introduced pro rugby players to property professionals looking to gain experience in the working world prior to the end of their rugby careers and I hope it can help many more athletes prepare for their futures. 

I am keen to hear from and connect with anyone with keen interests in property and rugby.

I know I’m not alone in failed businesses. I’m reaching out to show how I have handled set backs and I hope to connect with people on similar journeys who just love trying new things, starting businesses from scratch and putting the hours into something they believe in.

Just keep on going; research new ideas, challenge the norm, ask questions and follow your passions.


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