Thursday, 9 April 2015

Legionella- Landlords must check their rental properties.

ACE Property Management are in the process of updating landlords that it has become mandatory to carry out inspections for Legionella's Disease in rental properties.

As landlords there is an Approved Code of Practice which applies to the control of legionella bacteria. An assessment should identify and evaluate potential sources of risk. The assessments must be carried out by a "competent person" who can identify if there are any areas that could present spread of legionella. This can be done by considering the following questions:
  • Are conditions right for the bacteria to multiply?
  • Are there areas where stagnant water occurs?
  • Are there infrequently used outlets?
  • Is there debris in the system that could provide food for the legionella?
  • Are there thermostatic mixing valves that set a favourable outlet temperature for legionella growth?
  • Are any of your employers, residents, visitors vulnerable to infection?
The Health and Safety Executive has published guidance for landlords which provides more information.

We are currently sourcing quotes from our plumbers as to what costs are going to be incurred to make sure our portfolio is in line with regulations. We intend to carry out inspections in a similar way to Gas Safety Certificates which are carried out annually.

Legionnaires Disease can be fatal, and landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that their tenants and others visiting the property are protected. Failure to comply can result in criminal prosecution by the HSE including fines of up to £20,000 per breach, up to 2 years imprisonment and personal injury litigation. This is your responsibility and cannot be delegated.

Other sources of information-

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