Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why the property world needs Periscope!

I was introduced to Periscope on Monday night during a networking event on Twitter. Once a week Estate Agents UK host a #prophour event where members of the property industry from all across the UK can bounce ideas off each other and discuss current topics relating to the property market.

I was asked if I had started using Periscope for my business. Not knowing what it was I searched Google and did my homework. I discovered that several well known people, e.g. Chris Moyles and our very own local celebrity here in Edinburgh, Grant Stott were using it so I dug a little deeper.

Periscope is the new social platform which launched in March this year. The app is owned and run by Twitter so it is easy to use and the service it provides is excellent, not to mention the potential millions of people it can reach at the click of a button. I think it may just change the game in the property industry, let alone the rest of the online world.

Check this out! Periscope allows you to stream live videos anytime you like on any subject you like and followers can interact and comment as you are filming, genius! It's different to YouTube because it's LIVE! You are not filming and posting later. You may say "it's just FaceTime" but it's not because you can interact with followers all over the world. It's not just for calling your granny in Australia, although feel free to do so if you wish!

Today I posted four videos and picked up 3 followers. I posted an introduction about myself and my business, completed two property walking tours and a short video on the very hot topic of #proptech. I'll blog on that another time. Don't laugh, but I was nervous this morning when I went live! Why was I nervous you might ask? I have no followers and nobody would be watching! Well it's not easy to just think of stuff to say off the cuff and be all property expert Phil Spencer! As I was talking about my business and the day ahead I was joined by some viewers who commented on my beard and nothing else. I rambled on, lost my train of thought but I got through it.

Once I had finished it hit me how good this app just might be. I can promote all my properties and potential viewers can tune in and walk around them with me in real time whilst asking questions. Within my portfolio of landlords I have overseas clients that would love a real time walk through for their inspections. Being able to interact with clients online during a live feed is definitely a selling point when pitching to new landlords.

The For Sale market could benefit in a similar way. Overseas buyers have to make do with pictures and floor plans and sometimes a video when a seller pays for that sometimes pricey added extra. Periscope would enable an agent to walk around a property and interact with a potential buyer. Answer any questions on site, give measurements and feedback to any questions. That is a powerful tool that can not be overlooked.

Viewers could also live stream to their partners if they could not make a viewing. Possibly creating a quicker decision to purchase instead of having to arrange second viewings. Given the current market across the UK buyers are having to move quickly more often than not to secure a home or investment.

I intend to use Periscope to develop ACE Property and the relationships we have built with clients over the last 10 years. I am going to embrace this new platform and hopefully you will see the benefits and join me.

The beauty of Periscope is that it's for everyone. I am going to utilise it in my industry but it will spread like wild fire in every industry. If you are a chef, would it not be great for your fans/followers to interact with you while you cook? If you work in fashion would it not be awesome to ask for comments on designs from your trusted followers as and when you are spitballing ideas?

I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture. This app is going to grow and the time is now to get involved. I am actively posting and will be doing live interviews with other property experts within the next week so please follow me on Twitter @acepropertyNash and get involved!

Finally why not check out my videos. I'll be posting throughout the day. Let me know what you think and please get in touch with any questions.

You will need to download the app to view. It takes it!




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